Why is it so important to know about the ApoE gene?

What is the ApoE Gene?

The ApoE gene gives your body instructions for producing the lipid-binding protein called Apolipoprotein E. This production, mostly, occurs in the liver as well as glial cells that help your neurons. ApoE molecules’ job is indispensable: they support the transportation of cholesterol and fats via the water-based highway of the bloodstream and cerebrospinal fluid.

Its most critical roles include:

  1. Moving fats and cholesterol through the blood and cerebrospinal fluid [1]
  2. Protecting neurons and the brain by bringing regenerative building blocks–fats and cholesterol–to damaged areas [2]
  3. Protecting against infections by controlling immune function [3]
  4. Critical in the Reduction of beta amyloid and neurofibrillary (tau) tangles, which have been found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients [4, 5]
  5. Reducing oxidative stress [6]


There are three common versions of the ApoE gene: ApoE-𝛆2, ApoE-𝛆3, and ApoE-𝛆4. The most common one in the population is ApoE-𝛆3, followed by ApoE-𝛆4 and ApoE-𝛆2.

The different versions are the result of of variants which change the amino acids in the ApoE protein, thereby, altering its molecular properties.

Significant Clinical Research supports that ApoE-𝛆4 is a known cause of Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment, as well as a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. This variant both increases the odds and reduces the age of onset of Alzheimer’s. Conversely, ApoE-𝛆2 is protective against Alzheimer’s disease and is one of the variants most associated with longevity.

Additionally, the diseases mentioned above are strongly associated with diet and have a strong non-genetic component. Genes direct the traffic while diet, lifestyle, and overall health run the engines of the cars.

Set an appointment to find out how we can test to see which version of this gene you are carrying.  This could be a critical determinant in your Lifestyle Protocol.


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