Kushi Bhatt

Dr. Kushi Bhatt
Internal & Bariatric Medicine - M.D.

Dr. K was born and raised in Texas. In high school, she realized her passion for medicine while doing a Sport’s Medicine internship with the Houston Rockets. She completed her medical degree in Chennai, India. Dr. K began her medical career in General Surgery but subsequently decided to specialize in Wound Care. She attained her certification as a Certified Wound Specialist Physician (CWSP) in 2012. She practiced as a Wound Care Physician in Alabama and South Carolina. When her son was diagnosed with Autism, Dr. K took some time off from her practice to help him get the treatment and therapy that he needed. Over the past 2 years, she has become extremely passionate about the use of Integrative Medicine to help manage and treat behavioral issues connected with neuroinflammatory conditions such as Autism and ADHD especially after having seen the improvements in her son.

In her free time, Dr. K enjoys spending time with her family and son Simon who wants to be a part-time fireman and physician like his mom when he grows up.

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