Harish Sadhwani

Dr. Harish Sadhwani
Internal & Bariatric Medicine - M.D.

Dr. Harish Sadhwani began his medical career as an orthopedic surgeon. He then became Board Certified as an Internal Medicine and Bariatric Medicine Physician.

He is a traditional physician that combines his state of the art skills with ancient wisdom in diagnosing and treating his patients. His immense experience, his passion, and his devotion to his patients is not often seen in today’s fast-paced practices of medicine. His patients matter to him, their health is his primary concern.

It is imperative that physicians stay on top of all of the advances in medicine in today’s world. When medical marijuana came on the scene Dr. Harish took the time to carefully consider the research and determined that there is merit to the tested results. He became the first physician in our area to become certified to recommend medical marijuana to qualified patients. Exceptional results are being realized by his patients.

He is always available to the patients of Quality Health Care whether it is for an office visit or if it is necessary for you to be in one of our local hospitals. It is passion for the overall health of his patients that drives Dr. Harish to maintain an extraordinary level of skill sets to provide whatever is necessary for good health. This doctor expertly removes lesions and skin cancers, properly diagnosis’s hypertension, cardiac issues, and respiratory ailments. Accurately determines protocol for pain management and with skilled hands sutures deep lacerations and removes fish hooks for his patients.‍

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