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Your first line of defense for good health is to have the very best Primary Care Physician available. There are simply no better Primary Care Physicians than Dr. Deepti Sadhwani and Dr. Harish Sadhwani. Our primary care provides you with outstanding medical professionals to prevent, diagnose, and treat all most every disease known to mankind.

Issues that involve your heart, lungs, digestive system, skin conditions and cancers, pain management, proactive aging, wound care, diabetes, male and female hormones, thyroid, brain fog and diminished memory, weight management and nutrition are all within our scope of taking care of you.

Why do we do this? Because it is important for your doctor to know all of the issues that you are experiencing so that you can get results and not just handed a prescription.

Important considerations for your health care:

  • Most all of your medical needs are taken care in one location
  • Your complete medical records are available in one location
  • We listen to you
  • It is our job to find the root cause of your issues and find solutions
  • Our entire medical team prides themselves on the level of care that you receive

We are QHC Wellness Institute. We know what we are doing.

We are proud to call Melbourne, Sebastian, Palm Bay, and Vero Beach close to home, but we often treat patients from all over Florida and the US.

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By Dr. Deepti

Dr. Deepti Sadhwani

Internal & Bariatric Medicine

Dr. Deepti is respected around the world for her work as a nutritional and weight management expert. She specializes in disease prevention and chronic disease reversal.

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Dr. Harish Sadhwani

Internal & Bariatric Medicine

Dr. Harish has an innate knowledge to accurately diagnose all diseases of the body, determine the appropriate treatments, as well as the necessary steps that one can take in preventing most diseases and their symptoms.

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Mark Hasenauer, P.A.

Internal & Bariatric Medicine

Mark was born in Fort Lauderdale and raised in Sebastian, Florida. He attended Florida Institute of Technology for his undergraduate education.

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Joel Shields, B.D.O / H.N.C

Joel Shields has a burning desire and passion to help others live a more fulfilling and healthy life and working alongside Dr. Deepti and the rest of the staff at QHC Wellness Institute has allowed him to do just that.

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Nicole Bladin, APRN

Nicole is a Nurse Practitioner certified through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). Nicole has been working in the medical field, starting as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant, since the age of 18.

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