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Our Team

Dr. Deepti Sadhwani

Internal & Bariatric Medicine

Dr. Deepti is respected around the world for her work as a nutritional and weight management expert. She specializes in disease prevention and chronic disease reversal.

Dr. Harish Sadhwani

Internal & Bariatric Medicine

Dr. Harish has an innate knowledge to accurately diagnose all diseases of the body, determine the appropriate treatments, as well as the necessary steps that one can take in preventing most diseases and their symptoms.

Mark Hasenauer, P.A.

Internal & Bariatric Medicine

Mark is a native Floridian, born in Ft. Lauderdale and raised in Sebastian. He was an excellent student at St. Edward’s and that prepared him to obtain his undergraduate degree from FIT, Florida Institute of Technology…

Joel Shields

B.D.O., Health Nutrition Coach

Joel Shields has a burning desire and passion to help others live a more fulfilling and healthy life and working alongside Dr. Deepti and the rest of the staff at QHC Wellness Institute has allowed him to do just that.