Medical Team

Dr. Deepti Sadhwani

Dr. Deepti Sadhwani is respected around the world for her work as a nutritional and weight loss expert. As a double Board Certified Internal and Bariatric Physician she specializes in disease prevention and weight management, which go hand in hand. Dr. Deepti focuses on each patient and their individual needs and medical issues.

She is passionate about her patients understanding how they contribute to their wellness by their lifestyle and nutrition habits. Usually with simple adjustments and taking the right supplements her patients see significant improvement in their health, energy levels, weight, and sex lives.

Dedicated to research of the processes of understanding the relationship between nutrition and metabolism has led Dr. Deepti to change the lives of thousands that suffered unnecessarily from diabetes, heart disease, male and female hormonal issues, joint pain, migraine headaches, weight gain, and diminished sex drives.

In most cases the amount of prescription drugs that her patients were taking is significantly reduced or eliminated all together.

Dr. Deepti provides the highest level of medical care with incredible compassion to each of her patients.

Honored as Woman of the Year 2015 speaks volumes to her dedication not only to medicine but to the community as a whole.

“If there is one thing I have learned about myself, it is that I am most happy when I am serving others. It is this that motivates me, every day, to be not only a good physician, but a good community member and a good mother. I am passionate about empowering my patients and fellow community members on the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. Our bodies have built-in mechanisms of healing; however, we are responsible for providing the raw materials. I, like many parents, am also motivated by my family. We raise our families hoping to instill values such as generosity and service but I have realized there is no better way than to live those values myself. I want my children to be a part of a healthier generation, and I know as a physician and community outreach volunteer, I can help make a tremendous difference. I bring that same energy to my business. Businesses today are taking responsibility for their communities. My business, in particular, has supported several volunteer projects and organized several complimentary lectures to bolster the overall health of our town. In truth, it is the people of this town that motivate me in my business to strive to be the best. Witnessing the transformation my patients complete and seeing them in a happier life inspires me to strive to be at the top of my field. I dedicate an hour every night to reading the newest and most impactful articles in medicine. It only fits that if educating my patients is motivation, educating myself carries the same significance. This community has given my family and me so much; I am honored to serve until I can no longer do so. Leadership is best defined as both influence and servant hood. I am motivated to lead by serving and serve by leading.”

Deepti Sadhwani, M.D.

Dr. Harish Sadhwani

Dr. Harish Sadhwani began his medical career as an orthopedic surgeon. He then became double Board Certified as an Internal Medicine and Bariatric Medicine Physician. He enjoys being an “Old School” physician that combines his state of the art skills with ancient wisdom in diagnosing and treating his patients. His immense experience, his passion and his devotion to his patients is not often seen in today’s fast paced practices of medicine. His patients matter to him, their health is his primary concern.

Dr. Harish is exceptionally experienced in all diseases of the body, determining the appropriate treatments, as well as the necessary steps that one can take in preventing most diseases and their symptoms.

His dedication to the overall health of his patients is the basis for his approach to taking care of most of the major medical needs that they would have in one office. From the removal of lesions and skin cancers to hypertension and wound care. To suturing cuts and cortisone injections. Indentifying rashes to serious respiratory ailments. This doctor finds the reason for the symptoms or diseases and then treats to fix the issue not just mask it with prescriptions.

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