Extracellular Amniotic & Placental Vesicles Therapies

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are NOT Stem Cells.  Up until only the last decade, Exosomes were considered cellular waste released from cells. However, with the most advanced laboratories in the world, it has been discovered that these nanoparticles vesicle packages are not the garbage we thought they were; in fact, mounting evidence suggests we are on the cusp of a whole new area of regenerative medicine.  As it turns out, using Exosomes (in conjunction with or instead of Stem Cells) may provide the cellular communication that triggers the physiologic benefits you sought from Stem Cells in the first place.  Studies are being conducted now on everything from musculoskeletal disorders to skin rejuvenation to sexual wellness.

Exosomes are the growth factors from placental derived stem cells; Nanoparticles about 1000 times smaller than a cell. They are cell-derived lipid vesicles (tiny bubbles) that are secreted by most cell types, including Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs).  For many years they were thought to be cellular waste or debris as these vesicles were not tracked.  Over the past few years, there is growing evidence that Exosomes are an essential part of intercellular communication; these secreted vesicles act as messengers conveying information to distant tissues and causing physiological changes many of which can be regenerative and highly beneficial to cellular and tissue growth. Recent studies of exosomes have demonstrated they contain both Messenger RNA (mRNA) and MicroRNA (miRNA), micro-components that act as genetic envoys and aiding in cell-to-cell communication. Additionally, they enable the transportation and capture of any cargo information it is carrying resulting in enhanced tissue signaling your body to activate a cascade of cellular functions. Stem cells do not create new tissue or healing; the Exosomes have an inherent intelligence and in fact, activate the body’s own self-healing mechanisms.

How to Exosomes work?

MSC-derived Exosomes from MSC’s have anti-inflammatory properties and seek out inflammation within the body.   Upon secretion of Exosomes, MSCs use them to communicate with other target cells around them as they have a wide variety of messages they can convey based upon their cell of origin. These messenger RNAs have demonstrated to have functional effects in cells. Exosome RNA content varies significantly depending on the type of the original cell from which they were released.  Since these exosomes exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, they restore metabolic health and the ability to damaged tissue. Exosomes enter the cytoplasm of targeted cells and can revitalize older cells by causing new growth factor expression by immediately copying the resident mRNA.  The Exosomes allow cells like MSCs to share information with targeted tissues and protect their coding from catabolic factors.  While their main role is communication between the cells, they are also responsible for the proliferation of messenger RNA, and micro RNA as well as proteins (GFs) and lipids. These nucleic acids are critical components in the transcription of thousands of new growth factors and growth factor receptors. The slowdown over time in your body’s regenerative capabilities relate to either not enough active stem cells or the stem cells, present, are not active enough. The injection of these vesicles supercharges your body’s own stem cells because we anticipate they’re absorbed derived stem cells without the other person’s DNA as you would with amniotic stem cells.

What are the benefits?

When we are born, we have a vast supply of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s), but as we age and degenerate, our MSC’s degenerate with us. Even with these nanovesicles, they are only as fit as your overall Total Health and we lose a significant amount over time. We do not have the same level of regenerative power at 35 as we did when we were 15. That’s why as we get older, we can’t recover or heal as quickly as we used to.. Essentially, when having Exosome Therapy, you are giving your body a charge of crisp, “day 0”, regenerative power signaling your tissue cells to help with healing and repair.

If you are seeking the most advanced solutions in Regenerative Medicine, we would look forward to scheduling a complimentary, highly customized consultation.  The areas within which Regenerative Medicine can provide both short and long-term solutions and relief include:

    • Skin Rejuvenation
    • Sexual Dysfunction
    • Musculoskeletal Injuries
    • Chronic Illnesses
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