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Diabetes and Pre-diabetes

Diabetes or pre-diabetes now affects over half of the population according to recent research.

High blood sugar is an epidemic caused by our country’s highly processed food system. The good news is that in most cases diabetes, high blood sugar, can be reversed. Insulin Resistance is the underlying condition that we help patients address. Systemic inflammation is a factor linked to insulin resistance. When we help patients reduce this inflammation their metabolic disorders improve.

Diabetes Type 2 can often be reversed through simple nutritional and lifestyle changes. Our focus goes beyond managing the disease. Patients come to us to improve their lifestyle, often leading to reduction or elimination of insulin therapy.

See the interview with one of our patients that came to us with A1C numbers of 13, insulin dependent, overweight, and experiencing other health issues. He is now healthy, does not require insulin with A1C numbers at 5.4, has lost weight, is active with his children, has unlimited energy. All accomplished with nutrition and supplements under the care of Dr. Deepti that literally saved his life.

Type 1 diabetics can also see great improvements in their quality of life and reduction of risk factors for diabetes related illness.
What amazes the physicians of Quality Health Care & Wellness Institute is the lucrative industry that has been built around diabetic supplies and medications. Imagine if all that money was invested in helping our communities develop healthy lifestyles instead?

This integrative approach to Diabetes helps our patients make lasting health improvements with little to no need for drugs or devices.