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Living healthier; longer- includes cognitive care.

Our brain controls many aspects of thinking, such as planning and organizing, making decisions, remembering, and taking care of ourselves. These cognitive abilities affect how well we do everyday tasks and whether we can live independently.  As we age some changes in thinking are common such as:

  • Difficulty finding words and recalling names
  • Problems with multi-tasking
  • Decreases in the ability to pay attention


As we age, changes occur in all parts of the body, including the brain.

  • Certain parts of the brain shrink, especially those important to learning and other complex mental activities.
  • In certain brain regions, communication between neurons (nerve cells) can be reduced.
  • Blood flow in the brain may also decrease.
  • Inflammation, which occurs when the body responds to an injury or disease, may increase.

The good news is that aging also can bring positive cognitive changes. We have more knowledge and insight from a lifetime of experiences. Research shows that older adults can still:

  • Learn new things
  • Create new memories
  • Improve vocabulary and language skills

There is growing evidence that the brain remains “plastic”—able to adapt to new challenges and tasks—as people age. We incorporate our primary care with functional and integrative medicine, so your body and mind get the best results.


To make an appointment call us or use our online scheduling tool.  Please note, we take our time with our patients.  We may not always see you on time but you receive the attention and care you deserve.

Health Problems that Affect Cognition

Many health conditions affect the brain and pose risks to cognitive function. Our physicians can determine whether you have an underlying health condition that affects your memory or cognitive function. It’s important to prevent or seek treatment for these health problems.  Such as:

  1. Heart disease and high blood pressure—can lead to stroke and changes in blood vessels related to dementia
  2. Diabetes—damages blood vessels throughout the body, including the brain; increases risk for stroke and heart attack; associated with increased risk for Alzheimer’s
  3. Alzheimer’s disease—causes a buildup of harmful proteins and other changes in the brain that leads to memory loss and other thinking problems
  4. Depression—can lead to confusion or attention problems; has also been linked to dementia
  5. Delirium—shows up as an acute state of confusion, often during a hospital stay, and is associated with subsequent cognitive decline
  6. Brain injuries
  7. Some medicines, or improper use of them
  8. Insomnia
  9. Side effects of medications
  10. Vitamin B12 deficiency
  11. Brain tumors or infections
  12. Some liver, kidney and thyroid disorders


We get you in better health, improve your nutrition, increase your physical activity, and live longer; healthier!

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