BTL Emsella

A Breakthrough Treatment for Urinary Incontinence

Do you Suffer from Stress Incontinence or Urge incontinence?  If so, you are not alone. This is a condition that affects twice as many women as men, because of pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Age is a factor however young women in their thirties begin to complain of leakage or urges.  Up to now, the options were to wear pads, take medications, or have surgery.  Of course, we were told to do kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, but they must be done correctly and with diligence.  The BTL EMSELLA™ is a new non-invasive and non-surgical treatment option that does the exercises for us more effectively.

The BTL EMSELLA™ is an FDA approved specialized chair that safely does thousands of kegel exercises for us.  The amazing results are both instantaneous and continuous. The chair utilizes a high intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to cause deep pelvic floor muscles contractions.  This neuromuscular stimulation reduces laxity, strengthens pelvic muscle floor contraction and improves bladder control. It is painless and does not require any “down time”.  Your pelvic floor muscles get stronger and the walls of the vagina are tighter.

The BTL EMSELLA™ chair treatment is painless, quick, and you remain fully clothed.  A typical treatment takes about 30 minutes.  After your initial consultation we will customize your treatment plan. On average, about 6 sessions is all it takes. You may observe improvement after a single session and the results continue to improve over the next few weeks. Studies show:

  • After 6 treatments, 67% of patients reported reduced or eliminated the use of urinary pads. 95% reported an improved quality of life.
  • Often, eliminates the need for bladder medication.
  • Restores bladder and pelvic muscle control without time-consuming exercises or physical therapy.
  • Return to desired intimacy, social events and activities without fear of leakage.
  • No need for a change of clothing or that identical pair of slacks anymore.

No more embarrassing urinary leakage. It’s time to enjoy a hearty laugh, sneeze, or a rigorous tennis match again!

At QHC Wellness Institute, a physician develops and oversees your BTL EMSELLA™ treatments.  We talk openly about urinary incontinence and address our patient’s concerns.   We restore your confidence in a confidential and caring environment. Better health and improved quality of life is just a conversation away. Call us for more information or to start your BTL EMSELLA™ treatment. Our office telephone number is (772) 228-8480.

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