Many websites offering fake medicines have been increasing at a rapid rate.

The problem is many websites are hosted in jurisdictions which may not be receptive to take down requests. Last year MHRA took down more than 4,000 websites selling counterfeit medicines. In 2016 over 13.6 million worth of fake medicines/medical devices were seized. 3 million were erectile dysfunction and more than 300,000 were slimming pills. This can be lead to an embarrassment factor, people wanting to rather buy erectile dysfunction and slimming pills online instead of in person.

Another factor is convenience, people get use to wanting things right away. Another question to consider is who’s in charge of selling these fake medications? The criminals behind all this are more than likely rouge businessmen. These type of people could have possibly worked in legitimate pharmaceutical supplies in the past and know how the system operates. They deal will offshore companies and are very sophisticated with networks. This is very concerning due to these criminals are selling these fake medications to licensed distributors (hospitals and pharmacies). Side effects of these fake medications can be life threatening. Make sure to go through the proper channels rather than a quick fix online.

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